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23 January 2012


Written by Miss Searle

The flute is a popular instrument, allowing children to play TV, film, pop and classical music as individuals and with friends. The flute consists of a cylindrical tube with numerous keys and is held to the side when played. The sound is created when a musician blows across the hole at the top of the flute, creating a pure sweet tone.

It’s never too late to start a musical instrument, however, it is important not to begin too young! We recommend that students start lessons in year 4 ( as long as they have their adult front teeth and their arms are long enough).

Please note: pupils may begin tuition at a younger age if the teacher feels they are physically ready.

The flute has many similarities to the recorder so the knowledge many children have gained through recorder lessons can be transfered onto the flute, allowing students to make a smooth transition onto their new instrument.


Amy Yule performing with Forty Flutes in the Royal Albert Hall

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