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12 March 2014

BYMT Vision 2014

Written by Ian Rowe, Principal

My aim, with the support of the high calibre group of staff we have at BYMT, is that we will build on a foundation of four pillars: 

Tradition – BYMT is known for its incredibly high standards throughout the entire service, though most notably within the Bromley Youth Concert Band, Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestra and Bromley Youth Symphony Orchestra. As well as this, there are a high number of individual students achieving grade 8 and beyond, playing in the National Youth Orchestra, attending music college and going on to forge successful music careers. This must and will continue.

Inclusion – Music is not, however, just about the elite players who are destined to become professional musicians. Every child, no matter their background, ability or means, should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and participate in bands, orchestras, choirs and other groups. A key aim of my tenure as Principal is to bring music to a wider audience and give children who would not usually have the opportunity to participate the chance to experience everything BYMT has to offer. My musical career started with one man offering me the chance to play the cornet for free - how many other musical careers could be begun by simply giving a child an opportunity.

Sustainability – In order to continue and increase the provision of BYMT, BYMT has to be sustainable and able to support itself financially. For a number of years, BYMT has been facing considerable cuts in its funding from government sources and will continue to do so. I will therefore be looking at new ways of raising funds and increasing participation without increasing the financial burden on parents. Parent support in fundraising will be invaluable to this end.

Legacy – Music does not cease when a child leaves school at 18, and nor should BYMT’s place in that young person’s life. We will be strengthening the ties between BYMT and its alumni and providing more opportunities for participation in music to continue post-school.

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