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27 March 2015


Written by BYMT

BYMT are pleased to annouce that MUSICAL BUMPS is starting at BYMT held by a BYMT alumni - Gina Storey.  Below is some information from Gina and further details and leaflet can be found in the 'useful information' section of our website.

Hi, I`m Gina and I have been living and working in Bromley all my life.  Some of you will already know me as a `cello teacher for BYMT but it all began long before that.  I trained as a `cellist in the Bromley music service (before it was called BYMT), won the prestigious “Norman Trotman Competition”, went off to the Guildhall of Music and Drama and then came full circle and started teaching for BYMT in 1992.  I have been a professional `cellist and instrumental teacher for the last 23 years, so why the change?

After having my daughter just over 5 years ago, mine and my family`s life changed so dramatically that I took a step back (as it seems a lot of parents do at this point in their lives) and looked at what made me happy.

My husband and I relocated to Tonbridge for his work just before Natasha was born, so I was on my own as a new Mum, not knowing the area with no family and friends close by.  After a while someone suggested I look for a class that my baby and I could do together, to help us bond and maybe make some new friends along the way.

I did my research and went along to all the various freebies/taster sessions on offer and the one that stood out above all the rest was MUSICAL BUMPS.  As a musician I was always going to be critical of the musical side of the classes but this class really covered all the bases.  I was learning about general child development and how these well thought out music lessons could help encourage my child to be a sharing, sociable and confident person.  With the addition of extra time built into the class, when a drink and a biscuit were offered, I was able to chat to the other parents and carers and Natasha could meet and socialise with the other children, which was fabulous for her as an only child.

Musical Bumps classes are for babies, toddlers and for pre-school children — each class tailored to your child’s stage of development and each aiming to get parents and carers sharing music making and fun with their children! Babies from just a few weeks old can join our age appropriate classes and then move through each stage until it is time for school. Puppets and percussion involve and engage children with a fun learning experience. Join us singing traditional songs, playing games and moving to the beat!

Natasha thrived and I loved the classes, finding myself more and more drawn to the teaching aspect and wanting to be more involved.  I loved seeing the faces of the children enjoying themselves so much, from the tiniest babies right up to our 3+ class, I realised this was for me.  I loved making a connection with the children and found I was quite good at it.

After my daughter joined the amazing “Tonbridge Fun Choir” (which is a follow-on group for those children who have started school and want to carry on with MUSICAL BUMPS beyond school age) I started helping out with the classes.  Then, I decided that it was time to, quite literally, “put my money where my mouth is” and I would find my own niche and become part of the MUSICAL BUMPS franchise.

Bromley was an obvious choice, I grew up here, I still taught for BYMT and they didn`t have MUSICAL BUMPS!   All those children missing out on what I believe is a fantastic opportunity and that simply won`t do.

BYMT is my home from home.  I am delighted to be starting my MUSICAL BUMPS journey here on a Tuesday morning and also at Farnborough village hall on Thursday mornings from next term.

Please come along for your FREE session and see what you think.

Gina Storey


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