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Little Piano Virtuosi

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Summer Term 2020

  • Members will have access to digital parts of the term’s repertoire 

  • Audio recordings, including backing track versions with and without parts will be available to members.  

  • A video tutorial for the repertoire will be available to members.  

  • An online platform where members can ask questions about their parts and receive further practice support will be available. 

  • If schools reopen rehearsals will resume at the usual time. 

  • Depending on government guidance several options for performance opportunities are in place, including a potential holiday course at the end of July or August or even at the beginning of September.

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BYMT is committed to ensuring that its resources are available to ALL. Therefore, instead of our usual termly fees, we would ask that you make a donation if you are in a position to do so.

There may be an additional charge should rehearsals / performance be possible at BYMT Centres ... more news as we get it!

Regular Offer (Hopefully from Autumn Term 2020)

The LITTLE PIANO VIRTUOSI COURSE is for all piano performers from the age of 6-16. 

Saturdays from 10:30am-12:00pm

How many times have we complained that the pianist’s life is a lonely one and how many times  have we asked the question: “Is there something there for our piano students to join and start experiencing the fun and the socialising that the other instrumentalists have orchestras, bands, choirs and ensembles?”

 Making music at the piano sometimes is a very lonely task. But just try it with a friend – and it becomes a powerful experience to be remembered. Full of fun and interaction, it helps you achieve your goals faster and improves your learning skills no end. This course addresses exactly this issue. It is a fun, sociable and imaginative way of looking at the piano, the history and the stories behind musical works, the inspiring creative lives of composers, the fun and the art of conquering this beautiful instrument – the piano – and the fun of playing with others and creating imaginative music together. We are aiming to give our pianists a sense of belonging to a larger, interesting and creative group of musicians.

These are classes with a difference: they are neither individual piano lessons, nor an academic class!

The only criteria of acceptance is that the applicants have had at least a term of individual instrumental/piano tuition.

There courses are part of the extraordinary musical life Bromley Youth Music Trust provides for all young people in the borough.

The YOUNG PIANO VIRTUOSI is a continuation from the LITTLE PIANO VIRTUOSI COURSE and caters for pianists up to the age of 14 with Grade 3 and above.

There is a fee of £130 per term

If you would like your child to join LITTLE PIANO VIRTUOSI or YOUNG PIANO VIRTUOSI, please complete a Membership form and return it to BYMT—we look forward to meeting you soon.

If you have any queries, please contact our Head of Keyboard, Lora Dimitrova on 020 8467 1566, or email


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