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BYMT Once Voice Little Penguin : Sad and lonely Part 1
BYMT One Voice Little Penguin : I'm Scared to Get In Part 1
BYMT One Voice Little Penguin : I'm Scared to Get In Part 2
BYMT Once Voice Little Penguin : Sad and lonely Part 2
BYMT One Voice Little Penguin : Wow you did it Part 1
Footage taken as part of the Granada Festival - July 2015
See what's on offer and how you can get involved.
A short documentary about what wonderful percussion department offers!
Djembe drumming at Harris Academy Primary Kent House
Montage video from this year’s Bandfest. It’s great to see the diversity of the bands, the creation of original music and the huge age range involved in experiencing performance in a professional theatre.
BYMT One Voice Little Penguin : Wow you did it Part 2
BYMT Brass and ArtsTrain in collaboration on a new composition performed at BMH event recently
Your chance to view what happens at BYMT Saturday Morning Centre.
BYCB Perform at The Royal Albert Hall for the Schools Prom
The culmination of Clare House Primary School Band on the Run Project funded through the Mayor's Music Fund
A video from BAND FEST 2016 with Artstrain at Churchill Theatre, Bromley.
Maxine Kwok-Adams is currently a 1st violin player in The London Symphony Orchestra but began her orchestral career at BYMT leading both Symphony Orchestra and Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestras. She is also the 1990 Norman Trotman Competition Winner.
Keston Cobblers Club rehearse BYMT students and perform "Wildfire"
February 2014
Band on the run from Darrick Wood Junior School performing at Bromley Schools Prom 2016, Fairfield Hall
Bromley Youth Concert Band performs Gallimaufrey (Guy Wollfenden) at WMC, Kerkrade NL Concert Contests
BYMT One Voice Little Penguin : Penguin Family
from the Gentrification performance at the Southbank as part of London Jazz Festival
Bromley Youth Music Trust is an independent music service nationally renowned for providing a very high quality comprehensive and inclusive instrumental and vocal music education to the young people of Bromley and surrounding areas.
Ever wondered what happens in our Junior groups? We hope this encourages to come along and join us.
Listen to past and present students speak about how BYMT and the music centre changed their lives.
Hayes School performing the “Bromley Music Hub transition song” with their incoming Year 7 pupils “Believe" With kind permission by composer Lin Marsh
Featuring budding young musicians performing after one term through to BYMT Debut Rock School and Rock School along with Keston Cobbler's Club. With funding from London Music Fund.
See the performance of 'Music' at The Fairfield
See BYMT musicians past and present discuss how Music Changes Lives!
BYMTs Little Piano Virtuosi perform BBC 10 Pieces at their spring term 2015 end of term concert.
BYMT One Voice Little Penguin : Look At Me
Roman Echo March arr. by T Wells in concert March 2019
This video promotes our Music Theatre offer to students and also demonstrates the possibilities for Musical Theatre to Music Hubs nationally.
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