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What is the BYMT?

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What is the BYMT?

Bromley Youth Music Trust is an independent music service nationally renowned for providing a very high quality comprehensive and inclusive instrumental and vocal music education to the young people of Bromley and surrounding areas, as well as providing opportunities for performance in a wide range of settings to enhance the musical understanding and appreciation of pupils and the wider community.

This is achieved in schools through:

  • Individual and group tuition
  • Whole class instrumental tuition in Year 3 to all children in every primary school in the borough
  • Whole class bands as progression paths in both primary and secondary schools
  • The opportunity to perform as a school ensemble or choir at The Churchill Theatre as part of the biennial Bromley Schools Festival of Music
  • CPD, curriculum support and bespoke projects with BYMT's Head of Curriculum Teaching

Opportunities at BYMT's music centres include:

  • Structured bands, choirs, chamber music, keyboard classes, orchestras, & Music Theatre, for all ages and abilities including adults
  • Classes for 'early years'
  • Regular public performance opportunities in quality venues both locally and nationally
  • Regular holiday courses, workshops and masterclasses
  • Annual concert tours in Europe for the most advanced musicians
  • Participation in National Festivals.

BYMT is supported by a service level agreement and grant from the DfE through Arts Council England. These are supplemented by charges to schools and parents and partnerships with the local community.

BYMT became the leading partner in Bromley's 'Music Education Hub' in September 2012.


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Robert and Dolly
parents from Elementary Strings
16 December 2020
Thank you so much for putting together this online concert. S was delighted to be included in the Elementary Strings performance of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.’ I’m sure that this evidence of her hard work will encourage her to keep practicing. As parents we are obviously extremely pleased to see her making progress. She was also very interested to hear the other performances in the video. It gives her a sense of what she could achieve in future years, and fosters a sense of community with all the other musicians. So the whole video was really worth doing, in lieu of an actual concert. Since your work is inherently about performance I’m sure that 2020 has been extremely frustrating for you all. It must have been disappointing not to be able to stage the Christmas concerts at BYMT or at the schools. But we really appreciate your work with S this year and look forward (God willing) to a live concert in 2021. With very best wishes and merry Christmas,

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